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Where posts about my favorite fandoms will appear. Anything from Kingdom Hearts to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I am part of quite a few fandoms! Be it a product review of a fandom I enjoy or an update of said fandom, they shall appear here!

My Latest Posts

  • New YouTube Video
    Here is a new YouTube video that I uploaded! I have been playing around with different 3d modeling apps and so far my favorite app is one called Bot3d Editor. I am not sponsored or working with Bot3d Editor, I just really enjoy using their app and wanted to see what exactly I could do with it…. Continue Reading →
  • Kingdom Hearts DLC Update
    Hi everyone! Sorax here with a quick update on the Kingdom Hearts III DLC. Square Enix is now allowing pre-orders of the DLC to take place. There are two different DLC options from what I can tell. One allows you to only pre-order the DLC while the second allows you to pre-order the DLC and… Continue Reading →

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