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Short Intro I Made For Fun

A quick little intro I made for my YouTube channel.


YouTube Channel and Life Update

Hello my fellow half-pint heroes! Sorax here! Sorry about the month long hiatus, but I was dealing with changes at work and the WiFi at my house went down for about two and a half weeks, which rendered my laptop almost useless for web-usage, including uploading blogs. And during that time, I decided that my... Continue Reading →

Writing Vlog #1 Hiya, my fellow half-pint heroes! I am here to let all of you know that I have created a YouTube channel called "Sorax Writes and Reviews"! These vlogs are how I am going to document my process of finally completing a novel and finally completing Camp Nanowrimo (hopefully XD). I am still pretty... Continue Reading →

New KH3 DLC Promised This Winter

Hello my fellow half-pint heros! I have an announcement! At E3 it was announced that there would be a new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC coming this winter. From what I saw of the trailer on YouTube, it appears to add more to the remaining organization members stories. And a possibility of playing as the other... Continue Reading →

KH3 Sora Wig Tutorial

Hello fellow half-pint heros! Sorax here! Sorry about the long hiatus, but I'm back! And it's June! Which means in a few weeks it will be summer! And probably a lot of you are coming off of con season, are entering con season, or preparing yourself for your next con season. That was what I... Continue Reading →

New Kingdom Hearts III DLC!

Hi everyone! Sorax here! And I'm here to let all of you know that a new DLC for KHIII has been released! It features three new keyblades for Sora, one of which is exclusive to X-box users. I know this is short, but I thought all of you deserved to know that the free DLC... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World and Kingdom Hearts

Hello, everyone! Sorax here and there is some sweet news that I want to share with all of you 😊. At the beginning of this month (April), me and my family vacationed in Florida for seven days, with two of those days we were going to Walt Disney World! Which, was beyond wicked! Even though... Continue Reading →

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