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Keyblades of Kingdom Hearts III and Their Usefulness

May contain spoilers! Hello, everyone! Sorax here! Sorry for the long wait for this post, I have no other excuse other than me being lazy and that I kept pushing it off. But, the time has finally come where I get this half-pint self into gear and "Jump on the Hydra's back!" With the "Hydra's... Continue Reading →


My Top Ten Kingdom Hearts Keyblades!

(This post may contain spoilers for some of the Kingdom Hearts games. If you want to go into the games knowing nothing, I would recommend turning back now 😉.) Hello, everyone! Here is (finally 😂) the list of my top top favorite keyblades from Kingdom Hearts 2.8/Kingdom Hearts II and below. I will be making... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! Sorax here! So, I just learned something incredible from a co-worker of mine today. KHIII will have a DLC! How crazy is that?! I never thought that one of my favorite series would ever have a DLC. I did feel that there was so much more that could be done with KHIII, but... Continue Reading →

Just Finished Kingdom Hearts 3

Hello, everyone! (Possible spoilers if you wanted to be absolutely blind about anything that happens in KHIII like I wanted) So this past Tuesday I finished playing Kingdom Hearts III. I'm not saying completed because there is still a whole bunch that I want and need to accomplish before I can actually say that I have... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Hearts III is here!

Hi, everyone! I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. I was hoping to get a post out about my "Top Ten Favorite Keyblades" on Monday, January 28th, hoping to get it out before the new game was to be released at midnight, but the darndest thing happened. My. Game. Arrived. A DAY EARLY.... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Kingdom Hearts Worlds

Hi there everyone! With the release of Kingdom Hearts III looming ever closer, I thought I'd share with all of you my top ten favorite worlds that you can visit in the games. This is my personal list, so this is just my opinion on what worlds I like. *********************************************************************** #10: 100 Acre Wood -... Continue Reading →

Beginning A New Journey

Hello everyone! Sorax here. I have decided to journey into the world of blogging. Scary, right? Well, to be honest, this isn't my first time doing this, but my first blog had been for a class and as much fun as I had with it, I just didn't stick with it. This time around? I'm... Continue Reading →

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